About Convergent

Convergent is an investment partnership at the forefront of bringing together Ideas, Capital and passionate Entrepreneurs. We help great companies transform into global leaders. The Convergent investment process involves identifying proprietary platform and bolt-on opportunities, speed of execution and a relentless focus on performance improvement. The Convergent value investing approach believes in paying fair and reasonable valuations through bilaterally negotiated transactions.

Approach to value creation

Convergent is led by Harsha Raghavan, an industry veteran with 27 years of investment experience, who previously founded and led Fairfax’s investment activities in India. The team has a track record of investing more than $2.5 billion over a twelve-year period.

Convergent’s core philosophy of creating trusted partnerships and win-win solutions results in an ability to identify highly unique non-intermediated investment opportunities. The team has vast experience taking a creative approach to deal-making thereby creating ‘first of its kind’ deal structures.

Convergent believes that management teams can achieve extraordinary results through alignment of incentives. Convergent backs teams to help expand their vision, embrace best in class technology and processes, and implement zero-based budgeting to achieve an optimal growth-oriented cost structure. Convergent believes in using platform companies i.e. leading companies with culturally aligned and proven management teams to facilitate industry consolidation via bolt-on acquisitions.